Ago 17, 2010
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Italian Minister of Defence La Russa mourns the death of former Italian President Francesco Cossiga

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Francesco Cossiga, senator and former President of the Italian Republic, died today at 82. He was a nonconformist one, well-known for his sharp comments and his 50-year-long political career across the period named Anni di Piombo (the years between the 70s and the 80s, when terrorism was at its height in Italy).

Francesco Cossiga was awarded the rank of adjutant marshal of Italian Carabinieri by the Italian Minister of Defence Ignazio La Russa, quoted as saying that Cossiga was “the only one politician in the history of the Italian Republic awarded the rank of adjutant marshal of Carabinieri”.

Source: Italian Defence Staff; Carabinieri

Credits: Carabinieri