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Fight for democracy or democracy to fight? The Italian approach

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By Cybergeppetto

The recent local elections in Italy are just a minor episode of the long lasting and time consuming story of electoral events just useful to have local assemblies ready for any sort of fight, useful for everything but to take decisions.

All the planets have two poles, but three prominent Italian politicians, Mr Fini, Casini and Rutelli decided last year to provide the Italian democracy planet with the “terzo polo” (third pole), an additional load of confusion.

In a country in which decisions are not taken even after a desperately long and senseless consultation the “terzo polo” has the flavour of the old times coming back, just an additional party with the usual internal fights and capability to block any policy.

Last year the “terzo polo” failed in overthrowing Berlusconi, it is now probable that similar actions will occur at local levels.

Italians are in love with democracy, but they consider that the essence of democracy is the capability to fight among leaders, decisions and results are not considered as a valuable fact of the republic.

Italian political arena should be focused on how to develop the southern part of the peninsula, or could be interested to reduce the huge public debt or, maybe, try to set up more favourable conditions for economic development, but the only thing important to the politicians is whether Mr. Berlusconi has to remain in power or not.

Mr. Napolitano, president of the republic, continues to declare that any reform should be shared and agreed among the political parties when is more than clear that nobody is willing to drop his prejudices to reach an even minimal goal.

As long as this approach remains in the minds of the political characters, nothing will be achieved, in two weeks Italians will vote for the second ballot with no hope about the future, taxpayers will continue to feed useless politicians.

Sooner or later the Italian politics will be fruitful and effective, just few decades are needed.


p.s. Roman senators wasted a lot of time to decide on how fight Chartangenians while the City of Saguntum was lost (Romae discutitur, Saguntum expugnatur), Napolitan leaders continue to fight while the trash tide is rising.

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