Lug 12, 2012
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Italy, the Country of the unlimited government

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By Cybergeppetto

Some days ago a US friend of mine on a social network was complaining about the fact that, in his view, the current US politics is far beyond the “limited government” concept. Without having a deep knowledge of the States, I can fairly say that he would be very upset about the level we have reached  in Italy.

He comes from a Country in which, since 1776, it was decided to give the Governement the so called “Just Powers” in order to avoid the risk to put the individual freedom in danger.

The political life in Italy has never been focused on the concept of limiting the action of the governement, the political parties in the peninsula have always pushed the governement to extend his action in order to get the vote of the people.

It is not a secret that the retirement system, the compensation for unemployment and the health system are the pillars on which Italian politicians base their electoral consent.

The Italian public debt is the usual result of a system unable to push the economy to develop, the difference from the debt of a year and the debt of the year before is a clear evidence of the amount of work that has not been done because of the public administration inefficiency and the negative role played by the political parties.

In Italy it is useless to be educated and hardworking, the only thing you need to get a job is to be linked to a political party.

If you are a doctor and you want to be appointed chief of a department of a Hospital you do not need to be a terrific surgeon o a Nobel researcher, you just need a political sponsorship. The managers of a lot of companies pretending to be private, but state owned, are just appointed by the politics in a sort of slavery market in which the only skill required is the allegiance to a party.

A lot of Italians are eager to loose their individual freedom in change of a job, for this reason Italy is an indeed curious Country in which a soft, subtile, but very strong tyranny is in place since the end of World War II.


A delegation of the Italian Parliament is in Washington to visit the Senate and the Congress. A Tea Party member has asked the Italian members of Parliament if they intend to implement the concept of “Just Powers” in the Italian law. The Head of the Italian delegation has explained that Italy is about to modify the Constitution to grant the citizens the “Just freedom rights” remaining from the governement’s action.

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