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A bunch of gentle people. A lot of conflicting strategies all over the world

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The Western world overcame the cold war and is now in the position to rule the world.

The USA have a clear vision of their strategy. They have to maintain their standard of living, which means the necessity to produce goods somewhere in the earth where the work price is low and also the possibility to sell them everywhere, full stop.

The European Union has a clear vision of its strategy, it demonstrates to be united even if the members are divided, indeed.

A special role is played by the UK, remaining stuck in the US policy, with whom is divided (or linked?) by a common language, and with a very troubled relation with the EU, with whom has to deal to survive. The UK is generally pro-US in foreign policy and pro-US in economic matters. The reason why it continues to remain in the EU is a funny secret.

Given the fact that it is not sure that Russia belongs to the Western world, the Russian Federation is fully committed to show that Moscow continues to be a Western super-power – while it is clear that they lost the cold war.

A lot of opponents are threatening the grand Western strategy. China has sublimated the communism by doing business as the best capitalist, and is ready to impose its capitalistic communism to the world. The Islamic world has elaborated a brand new law, the sharia, and is ready to put the veil on the face of every woman in the world, pin up included. Just Playboy is against that.

Africa is ready to count in the world, because it has got a lot of resources, just some minor problems in terms of corruption and ethnic tensions are to be solved, few centuries will fix that.

South Asian countries found their way to be on the international red carpet, they know how to create wars and destroy the image of the Western world. In the meantime they are economically growing, ready to become even worse than the Western countries.

Latin America is a growing environment, Lula and Chavez are ready, along with the Argentinian debt, to play a decisive role in the world’s arena. We will dance salsa and samba everywhere in the world, and in many ways we are already doing that.

Just the Armageddon will save us from the shit we will be in with these bunch of gentle people…


p.s. Baldwin IV and Saladin meet in a Starbuck coffee in New York, “Let’s have a new battle in the Bekaa”, starts the Saladin. “Not a nice option, I should start learning how to open a Facebook group to recruit my Crusaders. It’s too difficult to deal with a keyboard having the sword in the hands…”, replies Baldwin IV.

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