Mar 7, 2012
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India, time to step back

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Four ideas to think about the Italian marines jailed in Kerala

By Cybergeppetto

The story of the killing of two Indian fishermen allegedly committed by the Italian marines, “Marò” as they are named in Italy, represents something that is probably underestimated by the Countries involved and maybe from other countries and organizations worldwide.

One concept is related to the availability of the sea lines of communications, an old idea familiar to all the seamen.

It is a challenge for all the Countries interested to that, India should better consider the contribution to be given to the fighting against the piracy, it is not a good idea to reward Italy for having been cooperative in this respect.

It is now clear that a Greek ship was involved in a similar incident the same day, but nobody in the indian media is investigating the relation between the two incidents.

Other ships have killed people along the Indian coasts and escaped, but the Indian authorities left them go without any claim.

Is it normal that a Country facing the threat of piracy along her shores can prosecute an anti piracy team without considering the idea to be after the tail of pirates? Indians should consider their responsibilities in that respect.

Is it normal that international organizations conducting military operations in the region are considering this incident just like a common controversy between two Countries? This story has the potential to disrupt the international efforts against piracy.

A second important concept is about the right of the flag applicable to the ships, any university student considering the idea of applicability of a national law versus the jurisdiction of the Country to which the ship belongs to would be badly rejected in any examination.

Can the Indians continue to state that? Of course not. Indian people should better consider the spreading of anarchy and misconduct against the navigation in deep sea as a result of irresponsible policy conducted so far by Kerala authorities. Indian media speculating about the national pride vs a foreign Country are playing a dirty game.

A third concept is about the handling of murder cases. Is there a modern Country in the world in which a murder case could be held successfully without an autopsy? I have a full respect about the habit of cremation, but the police standards to deal correctly such an important case are far from India.

The fourth, and last, concept is about the status of soldiers. Indians should ask to the Indian military the concept behind the status of a soldier to understand if the marines conducting a military operation in the deep sea can be investigated by a Country different from the one they are part of. Indians should better consider the link between the soldiers and their Homeland. Italy has military tribunals for that and has ratified the Convention about the International Criminal Court, definitely two better jurisdictions.

A lot of other considerations apply, but my intent is just to avoid any useless confrontation with irrelevant arguments and focus on the potential threat to the security in the area and to the economy based on the naval transport.


p.s. “Daddy, my teacher told me to read “Sandokan” by Emilio Salgari, looks like a terrible story of a pirate in a wild country…”. “My son, rough people is everywhere, reasonable people should consider the idea to be more proactive…”.

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